To become leaders in the advisory to organizations with the interest of developing in accordance with their culture and identity.


We seek excellence with our challenges to the benefit of our customers, always with the expectation of improving and always offering improvement solutions.


Commitment to our clients
Creativity and innovation
Agility and precision
Results orientation

Code of Ethics and Conduct

All the activities carried out by HPG CONTADORES sfocus on the ethical values ​​and basic principles of action that constitute the ethical business conduct guide.

We have:

Integrity: Maintain and promote a rigorous coherence between the organizational practices and the Ethical Values ​​of the culture.

Transparency: : Spread truthful information, test out, adequate and faithful management AND to accomplish a clear communication, both internally and externally.

Responsibility:Assume their responsibilities and act according to them, compromising all their capacities to fulfill the proposed objectives.

Security: Provide optimal working conditions in terms of updating standards and procedures. Require a high level of security in processes, facilities and services, paying special attention to the protection of employees, contractors, customers and local environment, and transmit this principle of action to the entire Organization.

Sustainability: To develop their activities in a sustainable way and oriented towards respect for the environment and sustainability.